June 2011 // new video tutorial 3ds Max


This time I was asked by PSD-Tutorials to create a series of video tutorials for 3dsMax.
This resulted in a monumental work of 27 hours in total length.
The start is an overview of the software interface, to then learning the first basic modeling techniques, followed by assigning material and a first simple rendering. From there further modeling techniques are teached to create the various small parts which will find their place in the model being created during the whole project. To strengthen and and to enhance the learned knowledge a whole car will be build. Before I started the whole project I asked a variety of persons on what they would like to have included in the tutorials. One of the wishes was to not clean up the tutorial, but instead leave the errors that occur during a workflow in the video clips and, of course, also how to find your way out of those traps again.
Once the modeling phase is finished the project goes into several techniques of animation. In those clips it is not only explained how the car will move along a path but also methods of stearing and the rotation of the Wheels according to the distance traveled. On top of that all pistons, cogwheels and chains are animated to move in an appropiate and logical way by the use of different techniques of linkung, wiring and constraints.
The project continues with the creation and assigning of  the correct materials, different lighting setups and several methods of rendering. To finalize everything a special scene setup is explained to render several layers that are then put together in a final compositing using Composite.
As an extra over an hour of training was added on the new features of 3dsMax 2013.

March 2011 // GPU Rendering in 3ds Max

iray hot rod

A new article on the use of iray has been written for the german magazin DIGITAL PRODUCTION. In it the handling of the renderer was explained as well as several possibilities of optimization. Additionaly further steps where explaned on how more speed and quality can be archived through the right post production.

As the layouter of the magazin kept striktly to his design the explaning images turned out quite tiny and the reader can't really see anything on them.
Therefore here a link to the images in a resolution where one actually can see the differences:

February 2010 // the meerkats has finaly seen the light of day at PLAYMOBIL

meerkat colony at PLAYMOBIL.de

Like most of my projects it was striktly forbidden to mention anything about the project until it hits the market. This is even more difficult if the family members have small children that have heard the uncle is creating something for Playmobil.
The long waiting finaly has an end. The final product turned out very beautyful and the children are also happy again.
February 2008 // 3ds Max and FreeForm for realtime visuals

The aim of club visuals is to mix shapes, colors and clips to the music and screen it inside the club as a visual stimulation.
On a query from VJ R:A:U:L: we developed a concept and, on the 1st of February, in3.de stood at Stuttgart's Club ROCKER33 as the visual support act. We used software like FreeForm und 3ds Max to create and modify figures, shapes and patterns live and in realtime to the club sound. www.solarexpress.org
March 2007 // Paris, the hotspot of style.
For the next five month I will live and work in Paris.
June 2006 // My second tutorial DVD is available here.
April 2006 // My first tutorial DVD is on the market.
The content covers a deeper overview of most of the tools and functions in 3ds max.
Additionally the new features of 3ds max 8 are explained.
All in all it is a quick way to learn using the software. Since it covers so much of the software it is still a great help also with newer versions.